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Unusual Pork Cuts – A Butcher’s Insight

Butchery demonstration of unusual pork cuts

24th April, 2018

At Danish Crown, we have over 130 years of butchery expertise. Our dedicated team of butchers go above and beyond, creating bespoke specifications for each of our restaurant customers. We encourage an ongoing and open conversation between our butchers and our customers, to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

One restaurant segment that we work regularly with is American Smokehouse Barbecue businesses. Pitmasters are always looking for innovative ways to add a point of difference to their menus while remaining authentic to the cuisine. While there are some favoured cuts of pork that usually get all of the glory in BBQ cuisine, such as St. Louis ribs and pulled pork, there are a few unsung heroes that lend themselves well to low ‘n’ slow cooking. The classics are classics for a reason and have earned their place on a BBQ menu, but let’s not forget the wide variety of interesting cuts a pig carcass has that offer great value and menu solutions!

Pork Tomahawk Steak

This is taken from the loin; a versatile cut with superior plate presence. Ideal for smoking or BBQ cooking but equally great when stuffed (make a level cut halfway through the eye from the rib bone and slow roasted as a sharer).

Pork Neck Chops

Surprisingly versatile. Perfect when marinated and barbecued, smoked or oven-roasted, also delicious when braised or casseroled – a year-round great value favourite.

Pork Ribeye

The superior pork ribeye is moist and full-flavoured. An excellent beef steak alternative (with Cote de Boeuf being its beef equivalent). Served on the bone, it has extra flavour and makes for an impressive looking plate.

Pork Loin Steaks

A lean tender favourite. This cut is perfect combined with a marinade for the BBQ, stuffed and roasted as a sharing dish, or simply griddled or pan-fried as an accompaniment to a healthy salad.

Boston Butt Pork Shoulder

A smokehouse classic for succulent pulled pork – perfect for economical low ‘n’ slow cooking. This cut also doubles up as a traditional shoulder roasting joint with plenty of delicious crunchy crackling.

Pork Mini Belly Roasts

At approximately 285g per piece these mini pork belly squares are a convenient individual portion. A variation on the classic boneless pork belly, these mini roasts have layers of fat between tasty meat layers for maximum succulence. As a hard-working muscle the belly is full of flavour with the fat layers adding moisture throughout the cooking process. A great value product that gives the versatility of roasting, smoking, BBQing or pan frying.


If you’re interested in any of the cuts above, or want to discuss the idea further with one of our team, drop us an email today on foodserviceuk@danishcrown.com.

Alternatively, contact our sales team on 0161 766 1144 today to find out how we can add value to your menus.

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