The casual dining market is booming; with consumers eating out on average three times more a week than they did 10 years ago (and over five times more in London!), they also demand more choice than ever.

Fortunately it’s a race that multiple operators can win, with a well thought-through and differentiated menu that allows both scale and quality. A supplier that can ensure a consistent product combined with reliable delivery is vital for the growth of a popular chain.

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Make your service consistent – Consumers expect dishes to look and taste the same across different sites when under the same restaurant brand name. Uniform products are key and our skilled butchers ensure all products are made to specification every time.

Help your menu stand out – It’s a competitive environment and successful operations provide a clear point of difference in all aspects of their offer – starting with their ingredients. At Danish Crown we can create bespoke specifications for our customers; for example, we’ll work with you to create your own burger patty based on your choice of raw material, mincing specification and additional herbs & spices, to make sure yours stands out from the rest.

Make your kitchen more efficient – Time is money as they say! We’ll do the hard bit for you; portion control, clear labelling, packaging and flexible deliveries all help achieve a smooth behind the scenes operation in your kitchen.

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