1887 British meats

1887 British Meats: A unique brand that combines premium products of British origin with Danish Crown’s heritage and expertise, gained over 130 years since the cooperative was founded by our farmers in 1887.

“A farm to fork journey that celebrates the best of British with the best of Danish Crown.”

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1887 beef

We work closely with our British beef partner to ensure the best raw material is selected from prime steers and heifers, and only traditional British breeds including Angus, Hereford and Charolais.

Farming requires dedication, passion, patience and crucial attention to safety and welfare detail. We encourage full traceability and so the farms that breed and rear our cattle are very important. We want the cattle to enjoy a high quality stress-free living environment, with a nutritious diet and thorough veterinary care.

Only the ‘cream of the crop’ is chosen for our 1887 range. Loins are vigilantly assessed on strict criteria; marbling, colour, firmness, maturity and texture. Our skilled butchers then apply our distinctive processes, butchery and maturation techniques to give you a consistently high quality product, in true Danish Crown style.

We offer a full portfolio of beef products within our 1887 British Meats range, including steaks, burger patties, mince, short-rib, brisket and more. Our skilled butchers understand the complexity of each cut and how to achieve the result you’re looking for. As with our regular product ranges, we offer a bespoke specification creation service and encourage a direct chef-to-butcher dialogue to ensure the products are tailored to you.

Photo by Morten Fauerby / Montgomery ApS©2015 All rights reserved.
Photo by Morten Fauerby / Montgomery ApS©2015 All rights reserved.

1887 steak

We believe there are three important stages to creating the perfect steak; the selection, the maturation and the butchery.

Maturation, or the ageing of beef, has really taken the interest of the culinary world for both chefs and diners alike. Consumers are taking a genuine interest in how their steak was aged and interesting methods can offer a compelling point of difference on a menu. Our 1887 British loins can be dry-aged in our 200-year old Himalayan salt rock chamber, for your preferred number of days. Perfection takes time; the salt rock helps to dehumidify the ageing environment, breaking down the meat fibres to enhance a rich sweet taste and develop beautiful tenderness.

Butchery is one of the oldest crafts in the world and is an industry in which innovation meets tradition to create a trade full of character, team work and ownership. Our butchers have the skill and experience to understand the complexity of each loin, giving chefs precise, uniform steaks every time.

1887 pork

Our pigs are born and reared on independent farms across Great Britain that work to Red Tractor, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) or are RSPCA assured. We ensure the absolute minimum possible travelling time from the farm to our processing facility in Cheshire.

Our pigs enjoy a vegetarian, specifically cereal-based feed; wheat or barley with a protein element provided by soya and/or rapemeal. The health and wellbeing of our animals is of upmost importance which is why their diet will alter in terms of composition throughout the lifetime of the pig as its nutrient requirements will consistently change.

At Danish Crown, we believe that animal welfare and good business go hand in hand; this is not just because our customers expect and rely on us to be doing the right thing. Rearing livestock well and ensuring that high welfare standards apply throughout the animal’s life are vital to ensuring the quality of the meat we sell.

Bacon and Waffles
St Louis Rib

Animal welfare

We work closely with our farmers to ensure the welfare of all our livestock. We are committed to keeping animals safe, comfortable, and healthy. We have a responsibility to be a leader in animal welfare and that starts with ensuring the health and well-being of those animals by taking care of them properly, treating them responsibly and with respect. It’s simply the right thing to do.

We are committed to driving up animal welfare standards within the business and the farms, based on the five freedoms as defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council;

Freedom from Hunger and Thirst – by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour.

Freedom from Discomfort – by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area.

Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Freedom to Express Normal Behaviour – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind.

Freedom from Fear and Distress – by ensuring conditions and treatment, which avoid mental suffering.

Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.

For more information or to experience our 1887 range for yourself, please call 0161 766 1144 or email foodserviceuk@danishcrown.com