Beef selection

Care, attention and expertise are guaranteed with Danish Crown beef; from cattle farming to butchery, to grading, selection and maturation.

Sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D CT scanners enables us to assess the meat quality, such as fat marbling, colour and PH value, with precision. We only use the top grades from the EUROP grid system ensuring consistently fantastic marbling and taste. Once the meat is graded we hand select only the finest loins for our restaurant customers. All cuts, matured, packed and portioned to your specification in a bespoke manner. Truly artisan.

Here in the UK at our BRC-approved production facilities, we have a maturation chamber which uses Himalayan salt rock to enhance the aging process of your beef. This means we can offer both bespoke ageing and an incomparable depth of flavour for a truly exclusive finished product.

Versatility is very important for Danish Crown and we seek to meet ever-changing customer demands, therefore we are also able to source and offer a full portfolio of top quality USDA prime steak as well as our very own British range, 1887. 1887 offers chefs a product that combines British provenance with over 125 years of Danish Crown butchery expertise.

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Wholesale Beef
Wholesale Beef - USDA Prime Brisket

Usda prime brisket

Large flat muscle with generous layers of fat, ideal for slow cooking or smoking – the jewel of authentic American BBQ cooking!


Prime steak cut from boneless beef loin trimmed to customer specification. Ideal for dry-aging in our Himalayan salt rock maturation room.

View our premium Dry-Aged beef range

View our new 1887 British beef range

Catering Butcher - Beef Sirloin Steak
Meat Suppliers - Rib-Eye Steak


Prime steak cut from boneless eye piece of 5 bone fore rib, cut to customer weight range. Fantastic marbling makes this cut age beautifully.

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View our new 1887 British beef range

Beef mince

Mixed cut trimmings of same origin produced to specified VL.

Meat Wholesale - Beef Mince
Wholesale Beef - Beef Burger Patties

Burger patties

100% beef. Seasoned or unseasoned minced meat, flavoured to your preference, formed into patties of required weight range. Patties can be machine or hand-pressed.

Fillet steak

Prime steak removed from the beef short loin, cut into steaks as specified. Tender, delicate and lean; the fillet can also be served whole as a Ch√Ęteaubriand.

Wholesale Meats - Fillet Steak
Wholesale Butchers - Topside Roasting Joints


Large rounded muscle from the hind – ideal as roasting joint or can be cut into steaks.

Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.

This is just a small sample of our meat portfolio. We can supply any breed or any cut to your specification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.