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Burgers are a major part of the restaurant scene and for many operators burgers represent the ‘signature-dish’ for their restaurant. With so many different versions out there, it is the item on the menu that can really give a restaurant a point of difference.

Diners all over the country are still getting excited by new variations and show-stopping creations, which gives chefs the perfect opportunity to be bold, innovative and creative.

Our gourmet burgers are designed especially for your menus; from sourcing the perfect raw material, to the mincing specification, and using additional ingredients, we’ll give you an exclusive patty that stands out from the rest.

We have invested in state-of-the-art burger production equipment to ensure that we deliver uniform burger patties with every order, so you don’t have to worry about consistency across multiple sites. We even have an Actual Fat Analyser machine, so we can guarantee the same bracket of fat percentage in every one of your burger batches.


The facts

  • Bespoke specifications – from meat to fat percentage, to ingredients including herbs, spices, onions, bone marrow, bacon – the only limit is your imagination!
  • 100% British provenance beef guaranteed from our British farming partners.
  • Our Fat Analyzer machine offers accurate measurements of actual fat and visual lean fat in every batch of burger patties.
  • Extensive taste tests with your dedicated account manager until you’ve found your perfect patty!
  • Uniformity and peace of mind guaranteed – delivering consistency and grade double-A BRC accreditation for food safety.
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National Burger Awards

Danish Crown UK is proud to be the exclusive meat sponsor of the National Burger Awards. We are delighted be associated with a fun competition that recognises the chefs pushing the boundaries to create the most iconic burgers on menus across the Casual Dining, pub and bar industry. The National Burger Awards are a fantastic platform for each chef to demonstrate just how inventive they can be and equally how well they can perfect a classic. Danish Crown can help customers create truly unique burgers – what better way to show our passion for the patty than by supporting the National Burger Awards!

National Burger Awards

Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.

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