Pork selection

The superior quality of our pork is the outcome of the care taken at all stages of production, and over 100 years of breeding. Our farmers are raising their pigs the sustainable way, following The Climate Track.

The Climate Track is a sustainability certification programme which ensures that all of our Danish pork comes from climate-controlled farms. Farmers must set goals and actions to significantly improve their environmental impact. Having full control over each aspect of the supply chain means we can assure that our farmers provide optimum conditions for the pigs, resulting in healthy growth and nutritious, more sustainably raised pork.

You can learn more about our sustainability goals & initiatives here


Wholesale Pork

Pure Pork

We launched our Pure Pork range in 2015, offering pork that has been raised without antibiotics on climate controlled farms to customers looking for a point of difference on their menus.

On Pure Pork farms, no antibiotics can be administered whether through feed, water or by injection, from birth. The farmers have the upmost respect for animal welfare, dedicating even more care and attention to each individual pig and adhering to globally-renowned animal welfare standards.

In line with our sustainability strategy, we have now transitioned all of our streaky bacon for foodservice over to Pure Pork raw material. Bringing good conscience and good meat to the table.

Download our Pure Pork brochure here

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The St. louis rib

Square-cut belly rib with consistant meat layer, cut to customer specification; a BBQ Pitmaster’s favourite.

Wholesale Meats - The St. Louis Rib
Wholesale Pork - The Loin Rib

The loin rib

Loin rib (otherwise known as the baby back rib) in weight ranges of 650g+ and 750g+. Consistently meaty with regular bone width and length; you’ll deliver uniform dishes every time.

The meaty rib

Meaty square-cut belly rib with consistant meat layer left on the bone. An impressive rack of ribs to wow even the most carnivorous of customers!

Catering Butchers - The Meaty Rib
Meat Suppliers - Boston Butt

Boston butt

Bone-in collar and scapula, including associated muscle, with outer fat layer up to 10mm. Give your customers an authentic American BBQ experience with the original cut used for home-made pulled pork. Slow-cook for meat so soft it falls off the bone.

Wholesale Pork - Pork Tenderloin

Pork tenderloin

The most premium and tender cut of pork; the pork equivilent of the beef fillet steak; ideal for a refined menu. A lean option for the health-conscious consumer.

Pork loin chop

Boneless loin chops (can also be served bone-in). A lean and traditional cut.

Catering Meat Suppliers - Pork Loin Chop
Wholesale Pork - Rind-on Pork Belly Joint

Rind-on pork belly joint

Whole rind-on belly (rind-off also available). Alternatively we can save you time in the kitchen by portioning each joint into pork belly squares, ready for service.

Pork collar

Boneless neck muscle / eye piece of boston butt. Slow-cook for authentic, melt in the mouth pulled pork.

Meat Wholesale - Pork Collar
Wholesale Meat Suppliers - Rind-On Pork Loin

Rind-on pork loin

Brined, scored, skin-on pork loin joint. Juicy, tender meat and crunchy crackling; ideal for a Sunday roast or carvery.

Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.

This is just a small sample of our meat portfolio. We can supply any breed or any cut to your specification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.