Sausages, bacon and gammon selection

New: bespoke gourmet sausages

Following seasonal demand and consumer interest in new and unique sausage flavours on menus, we have invested in the best sausage production equipment, raw material and dedicated butchers to launch a gourmet sausage range.

Sausages are made bespoke to chef request and flavoured using chef’s choice of herbs, spices, or additional ingredients such as jalapenos or bacon. Full taste testing encouraged! Perfect for all-day dining pubs restaurants, American-style BBQ diners and casual dining operators.


Our famous bacon

We are world experts in cured pork products – the first Danish bacon was shipped to the UK in 1847 and has been a much-loved household staple ever since! We offer many varieties; Pure Pork (raised without antibiotics), oak-smoked, sweet-cured, hand-salted, or even custom-flavoured bacon. Our well-practised curing processes allow for optimum salt levels, taste and consistency.

We’re proud to say our bacon and gammons are produced from Danish pigs raised on our very own climate controlled farms, and finished locally at our BRC accredited UK production sites. Best-in-class processes, innovation and the full control we have from start to finish means we can guarantee superior quality and consistency. When it comes to bacon, no-one does it better than the Danes!

Wholesale Bacon, Wholesale Sausages and Wholesale Gammon

Cumberland sausages

Seasoned Danish pork meat stuffed into natural or synthetic casing. Also available;

  • Pork and bacon sausage
  • Pork, leek and bacon sausage
  • Christmas pigs in blankets
Wholesale Sausages - Cumberland Sausages
Meat Wholesalers - Spicy Chorizo Sausages

Spicy chorizo sausages

Spiced, seasoned course meat in natural a casing. Other flavours also available include;

  • Jalapeno beef sausage
  • Hickory smoke sausage
  • Hot & Spicy ‘Mexican’ sausage
  • New York sausage
  • BBQ sausage
  • Sweet chilli sausage
  • Triple treat Mexican sausage
  • Piri piri sausage

Back bacon

Sliced plain / smoked back bacon. Our Viking back bacon range is dry-cured and has a slightly lower salt level for a milder flavour; produced in our BRC–approved Manchester production site from our finest quality Danish backs.

Wholesale Bacon - Dry Cured Back Bacon
Catering Meat Suppliers - Streaky Bacon

Streaky bacon

The best Danish pork is used for our streaky bacon; with a mild cure and a rich flavour. A perfect accompaniment to a burger. And all of our streaky bacon for foodservice is made using Pure Pork raw material. Bringing good meat and good conscience to the table.

Rind-on gammon steak

Boneless sliced D cut / full face horseshoe gammon steak, cut to customer specification. A traditional pub favourite.

Whole Meats - Rind-On Gammon Steak

Together, we are creating a more sustainable future for food.

This is just a small sample of our meat portfolio. We can supply any breed or any cut to your specification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.