Quality! - Best animals for you


Best animals for you

Our scale allows us to breed and select the best animals from both global and local sources. Danish Crown has some very sophisticated equipment, such as 3D CT scanners, which enables us to assess the meat quality with precision.


100+ years of breeding

For us, ‘big is beautiful’, and the large tonnage handled by Danish Crown means we can assure absolute consistency in our products, which makes us unique.

For example with our pork products, this uniformity has been achieved through more than 100 years of breeding, which has made Danish pigs world famous for a high meat percentage and a good meat/fat distribution.

Our cattle are classified according to the EUROP grid system; we only use grades E-R which ensures they are consistently the best.

Farm to Fork


We own our entire supply chain

We own our entire supply chain for pork and beef, from the farms to the slaughterhouses to the transport to the UK production facilities, so we have the ability to track each stage of the process from “farm to fork”. We operate to some of the highest food safety and animal welfare standards in the world.


Just in time suits you best

Through years of experience we have accumulated advanced knowledge and capabilities of JIT deliveries; and with continuous investment in our new high-standard fleet, we can deliver every day to suit your schedule.

Just in time


Just say what you need

We understand your customers expect a point of difference, and we have the scale and expertise to offer just that. Our new catering butchering facility not only demonstrates our ongoing investment in product innovation, but also means we can create bespoke cuts and specifications to suit your customers’ tastes or menu requirements.